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Creative at Heart Birthday Bash | Personal | Richmond, Virginia

Jenna Mugridge

 Photo by Hope Taylor Photography

Photo by Hope Taylor Photography

The greatest thing I did for myself and for my business, was attending the Creative at Heart Conference in March of 2015. Not only did it fuel my motivation and inspiration, but it put me in an environment where everyone else was a creative and everyone else was in it for #communityovercompetition. The world of being a creative can be so boring and lonely sometimes. Rarely is it easy to find someone who understands the long hours, the struggles of running your own business, the excitement of booking a client and the disappointment in yourself when things don't go as planned, or you are overworked and feel like no one can relate. Well - Creative at Heart changed that for me. And the great thing about this conference, is that although it has almost been a year since I went, I feel just as close, if not closer, to the other alumni's who I met (and haven't met!) 

Jen Mugridge Favorites-0001.jpg

This past Sunday I drove down to Richmond to Paisley & Jade and together we all celebrated Creative at Heart's first birthday bash and all the accomplishments the CAH team has done in this short amount of time. I had such a blast reconnecting with friends from near and far and taking in some amazing new tips and inspirational words of wisdom from the lovely Natalie Franke